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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What types of products does FisherShops sell? We sell adult incontinence products, enteral supplements and home health care products.

What are the different types of disposable incontinence products?  There are several types of  disposable incontinence products. 

  • Disposable Brief  are adult dipaers with tape tabs or velcro tabs and are the most absorbent product.
  • Protective Underwear are a pull up style diaper but are less absorbent than disposable briefs.
  • Belted Undergarments are long pads with a belt that goes around the waist to hold it in place and are for urinary protection.
  • Bladder Control Pads These are usually peanut shaped and come in different sizes and absorbencies. All  have waterproof barriers. Some are just for urinary incontinence and others are for both urinary and bowel incontinence.
  • Light Pads are a bladder control pad used by individuals who experience light bladder leaking but who have bladder control.
  • Day Heavy Pads are large bladder control pads that are used during the day for both bladder and/or bowel incontinence.
  • Night Super Pads are large pads that are used at night for both bladder and/or bowel incontinence.
  • Shield and Guards are designed for men for urinary incontinence.
  • Bed Pads or Disposable Underpads are used to protect the sheets from being soiled.
  • Diaper Boosters are rectangular pads that can be used inside of a brief to increase absorbency. They do not have waterproof barriers.
  • Liners are rectangular pads that can be used in any brief or panty and do have a waterproof barrier and an adhesive strip on the bottom.

Do I use the same disposable brief during the day as I do at night?  Not as a rule. You may need to use a product designed for day time and a more absorbent product for night time. Duing the day we are changed more frequently and need a less absorbent less expensive product designed for day time. The more absorbent night time products can be used at night when you will go longer between changes.

What is the difference between a Cloth like exterior and a Plastic exterior?  All disposabe briefs should have a waterproof barrier as the outer layer. The more advanced higher quality briefs are made with a cloth like exterior sometimes called a soft non woven backsheet that are waterproof and make less noise when the patient moves. In the past the most briefs had polyethylene or "plastic" waterproof barriers that make more noise. Many of the economy briefs today continue to have polyethyene backing.

Can I get a free sample of incontinence products?  Yes, we have samples of some of the TENA products. You will need to talk to our product specialist and before you call need you to know your waist size and be able to provide us a vaild mailing address.  We do not have samples of other brands but we do sell many of those other items by the package to allow our customers to try a few without investing in a case.

Can I get a sample of a nutritional supplement?  Yes, please call to talk to our product specialist for feeding tube supplements. Please do not place an order fro just one can.  Nutritional supplements should always be ordered by the case.

What is a under pad or bed pad?  An under pad is something that can be put under the patient when they sleep at night or to protect the bed from soiling during diaper changes. If used at night it is put on top of the bottom sheet and the pateint lies on top of it. Often, a washable reusable under pad is used for sleeping to protect the sheets from being soiled.  Disposable pads are frequently used when changing a pateints diaper.

What is a water proof cover up?  These are used over a diapere for extra protection.  They come in snap on and pull on styles. They are made of a waterproof material, usually polyester or vinyl. Some patients like to wear them with a pad but they were originally designed to wear over a diaper.

What is a chair pad? A chair pad is put on the chair seat to protect the chair from being soiled.

How will my order be shipped?  Most orders are shipped via Federal Express the same day the order is placed as long as the order is placed before 2:30PM Eastern time. Orders with several items may ship from different warehouses so you could receive more than one shipment on either the same of different days.  Exceptions are Health Dri moderates ship via USPS Priority Mail from our South Carolina Warehouse and all Compaire products are shipped from Ohio via UPS.

How many warehouses ship product?  We have warehouses in CA. FL, IN, MA, NJ, OH, SC and TX.  We try to ship an entire order from the warehosue closest to the delivery address, but that is not always possible.  For this reason, you may receive more than one shipment.  Tracking numbers are emailed to customers the day after the product is shipped and are available when looking at the on line order.

How will my order ship? All orders are shipped via FedEx with these few following exceptions. All Compaire products are shipped vis UPS.  HealthDri products with an item number starting with FP are shipped via USPS Priority Mail (HealthDri item numbers starting with SAL are shipped via FedEx).

What if I only receive part of my order? Check your email or on line order for tracking numbers. Since orders with many differnt items can ship from more than one warehouse all items on the order may or may not be delivered on the same day. We always try to ship the entire order from the warehouse closest to the delivery address but sometimes that is not always possible.

Can I change an order?  No. Once an order enters our system it is electrinically sent to the warehouse for shipment.  It is qucikly loaded on a tractor trailer.  The warehouse will not unload a tractor trailer to try to find once shipment.  For this reason an order may not be changed after it has been completed.  Our goal it to provide fast delivery.

Can I set up an automatic repeating order?  Yes, during check out on the same page you enter your credit card information you have an opportunity to request your order to occur as often as you need.  It will be neccessary to check the recurring order box and enter the number of days until the order occurs again.  Your credit card will be automatically chanrged when the order automatically occurs.

Can an automatic order be changed?  No. Once an automatic recurring order is placed the items and quantity on the order can not be changed.  The things that can be changed are the bill to and ship to addresses (using the address feature), the number of days the order occurs and the credit card information (using the recurring order feature). To changes items and/or quantities the current recurring order must be cancelled and a order must be entered and shipped.

Can a waterproof cover up be used for swimming? No. Waterproof cover ups are used over a diaper to protect the clothing and furniture from overflow. It is never recommended to use in a swimming pool as the pool water can enter through the leg and waist openings. and the contents can escape inot the pool through the waist and leg openings.

Are all products packaged discreetly?  Yes.

Do we accept insurance? No, currently we do not accept insurance of any kind.

Do we accept purchase orders? Yes, we do accept purchase orders from some select government agencies and non profit agencies.  These agreements are set up in advance with our customer service area.

How can I list my orders?  You can see your orders by clicking on the Orders link at the top of the page while you are logged into your acocunt.  If you just placed an order it will appear instantly.  You will autmatically see a list of the orders placed within the most recent 30 days.  You can change the date range of the orders you want listed as well.   To see the details of the order click on View.

How do I know if an item is in stock?  If you are able to put an item into your shopping cart it is in stock.  In rare instances the item could not be in stock due to many orders for the same item being placed at the same time.

What does SP mean if it is at the end of the Product Name?  Any item with SP at the end of the product name is an item that is not stocked in our warehouses.  The item will go into a back order status and we will have the manufacturer drop ship the order directly to you.  Special Orders are non refundable and non returnable. It will take approximately 3 weeks or longer for a special ordered item to be shipped and delivered.